This simple invention has limitless possibilities. We’re not quite sure what just yet, but its pretty cool anyway.

Tokyo-based company AgIC has created a pen with silver ink that allows you to draw electrical circuits. The name is a nod to the chemical system for silver, Ag, along with the initials IC, which stand for Ink Circuit.

It feels just like a normal marker pen. However using the conductive properties of silver found in the ink, you can turn your doodles into a functioning electrical circuit. The video from Vocativ below shows some of the imaginative and practical applications of this electrified doodle pen. Aside from anything, its a great way to get kids interested in electronics or even just being creative.

The idea sprang into life after a Kickstarter campaign, which was successfully funded in January 2015, and now their product is commercially available. You can buy a silver ink pen for yourself on the AgIC online store for $14.99. Although bear in mind, they can only guarantee it works if you also buy their specialized paper.

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